Remedies: Cases and Materials, 8th Edition

Remedies: Cases and Materials, 8th Edition
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June 2020
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Remedies: Cases and Materials, 8th Edition is a comprehensive casebook that covers recent developments in both the law of damages assessment and the granting of equitable remedies. This publication examines all areas of remedies law in Canada, including damages, injunctions, specific performance, and equitable relief. Coming into its eighth edition, Remedies has become a reliable resource, providing updated case reports alongside detailed academic commentary.

This edition was written by leading authorities on remedies, each of whom offer their expertise in specific areas. It also reviews recent Supreme Court of Canada cases and outlines how these decisions impact the law of remedies in Canada.

  • Significant revision to notes and comments throughout the book, which have been updated to correspond with emerging statutory provisions and new appellate case law
  • Summaries of and extracts from significant cases, including:
    • R v Canadian Broadcasting Corporation [2018] 1 SCR 196 on the new test for mandatory injunctions
    • Google Inc v Equustek Solutions Inc [2017] 1 SCR 824, which deals with interlocutory injunctions in a global internet era
    • Hamilton v Open Window Bakery Ltd [2004] 1 SCR 303, which deals with the measure of damages when a defendant has the option of alternative performances to satisfy a contract
    • One Step (Support) Ltd v Morris-Garner [2019] AC 649 (UKSC), which deals with negotiating damages when the act of breaching is the very asset that is of value to the claimant

Part One: Monetary Relief
Chapter 1: General Principles of Damages
Chapter 2: Awards Measured by Benefit to Defendant
Chapter 3: Damages for Breach of Contract
Chapter 4: Damages for Invasion of Property Interests
Chapter 5: Damages for Personal Injury or Death

Part Two: Equitable Remedies
Chapter 6: Injunctions and Specific Performance
Chapter 7: Injunctions
Chapter 8: Interlocutory Injunctions
Chapter 9: Specific Performance
Chapter 10: Financial Relief in Equity
Chapter 11: Discretionary Reasons for the Denial of Relief
Chapter 12: Charter Remedies

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Remedies: Cases and Materials, 8th Edition

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